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Cheap Thrills

What They Said...

Thanks so much for taking these live recordings from your personal collection and sharing them with us. [It] is like opening a special vintage bottle of wine that’s been cellared for decades...The high-powered energy is so cool I feel like I was there with the mic hidden in my jacket...One thing is unmistakable, no matter who you play with, you’ve always been the engine that drives the music.

Art Tipaldi

Blues Revue, April/May 2005, Issue, #93

I can't think of any better artist's CD of late to praise than this disc by Jimi Bott...[T]his collection of live dates from various periods of Jimi's career should seal the fact for certain: Jimi Bott is one helluva drummer!

Greg Johnson

CBA Blues Notes, February 2005, Volume 19, #2

Jimi Bott is best known as one of the best drummers on the blues circuit today.

Bill Mitchell

Blues Bytes, February 2005, Volume 10, #2

Bravo to Jimi Bott for sharing this very personal magic with us.  It truly captures the joy of performing

A. Grigg

Real Blues Magazine-- Issue #29, 2005

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Bott & Paid For!

What They Said...

Jimi Bott gives a master-class in blues drumming – enhancing every track with his innate sense of timing and rhythm, and his ability to provide the featured artist with the perfect canvas on which to lay down their personal vision of the blues.

Mick Rainsford

Blues in Britain

...[A]s Bott and Paid For! proves, fans need to point their next blues cruise in the direction of Portland, Oregon, where a jumping scene has been brewing for years!

Dan Forte

...[G]uaranteed to rock your world to some of the finest blues this side of the delta.

Art Tipaldi

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