Luther Russell

Selective Memories - An Anthology (2017)

Rod Piazza

Live @ Fleetwood's (2017)

Fiona Boyes

Professin' The Blues (2016)

Kevin Selfe

Buy My Soul Back (2015)

Sugar Ray Rayford

Dangerous (2013)

Doug Macleod

There's a Time (2013)

Kevin Selfe

Long Walk Home (2013)

Smokin' Joe Kubec & Bnois King

Close to The Bone (2012)

Fiona Boyes

Blues for Hard Times (2011)

Mannish Boys

Shake For Me (2010)

Fiona Boyes

Blues Woman (2009)

Mark Hummel

Chicago Blues Party (2009)

Michael Sneed

Vampyre's Lament (2008)


Live at the White Eagle (2007)

The Fabulous Thunderbirds

Painted On (2005)

Michael Sneed

Are You Hearing? (2005)

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The Proven Ones

Wild Again (2018)

Ben Rice

Wish the World Away (2018)

Doug Macleod

Break the Chain (2017)

Rose City Kings

A Love So Strong (2016)

Doug Macleod

Exactly Like This (2015)

Mannish Boys

Wrapped Up & Ready (2014)

Smokin Joe Kubec & Bnois King

Road Dogs (2013)

Kara Granger

Shiver & Sigh (2013)

JT Meier & The Tourists

How Do I Get Here? (2012)

The Mannish Boys

Double Dynamite (2012)

Big Pete

Choice Cuts (2011)

Luther Russell

Invisible Audience (2011)


Swimming in Turpentine (2009)

J.T. Meier

Cool, Hip Daddy (2009)

Jimi Bott

Bott & Paid For! (2006)

Jimi Bott

Cheap Thrills (2005)

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Billy Boy Arnold

Back Where I Belong (1993)

Chris Beirne

Freezerburn (2007)

Ken Bott

The Blues from Bottsville (2000)

Dizzy Burnett

Love is a Swingin Thing (1998)

Josie Burns

Of The Times (1998)

Barbara Chamberlin

Songs From the Yukon - Of Ice & Men (2009)

William Clarke

Deluxe Edition (1999)

William Clarke

Groove Time (1994)

William Clarke

Serious Intentions (1992)

Floyd Dixon

Wake Up and Live! (1996)

Johnny Dyer

Listen Up (1994)

Richmond Fontaine

Lost Son (1999)

Steve Gerard & The National Debonaires

New Sounds from Kansas City (2007)

James Harman

Mo' Na'kins Please! (1999)

James Harman

Extra Napkins (1988)

Rick "L.A. Holmes" Holstrom

Lookout! (1996)

Mark Hummel

Harmonica Party (1999)

Mark Hummel

Hard Lovin' 1990's (1992)

Mark Hummel

Feel Like Rockin' (1994)

Mark Hummel

Harmonica Party (1993)

Caleb Klauder

Sings Out (2000)

Doug MacLeod

Come To Find (1994)

Doug MacLeod

You Can't Take My Blues (1996)

Mad Hattie

Soul Fishin' (2000)

JT Meier

Call Me Mister Luck (2006)

Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers

Live at B.B. King's Blues Club (1994)

Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers