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Mad hattie
Soul Fishin'

Do you like Christina Aguilera, Natalie Imbruglia, Madonna and crap like that?  Well, if you do, you had better move on because you are going to HATE this CD!!


Mad Hattie, an original, eclectic, americana rock, country punk, electric bluegrass band features some of Portland, Oregon's finest musicians: Paul Brainard (pedal steel, trumpet, rock guitar); Bret Malmquist (electric & acoustic guitar); David Lipkind (harmonica); Marilee Horde (violin);  Matt Voth (standup & electric bass); and Jimi Bott (drums).


This CD was recorded, mixed and produced by the world-renowned blues drummer, Jimi Bott (currently the backbeat and backbone of The Fabulous Thunderbirds).  The band iteself, though short-lived, haled from the northwest and won a coveted spot at the FIMU Festival in France in 2000.  They went on to tour Belgium and the Czech Republic.  


Banjos, acoustic guitars, and harmonies abound in this unusual collection of original songs.  More importantly, it features Jimi playing an entirely different style of drums than his fans are used to.  Odd time signatures, as well as washboards, tambourines, garbage cans (yes, garbage cans!), and mallets prevail throughout.


You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll surely want to have a relaxing glass of wine or a cocktail early in the day.  This may lead to an eventual drinking problem causing you to lose your friends, job, and family, but....IT'S WORTH IT!!


If you like good music and are in the mood for something different, this CD will not let you down.  Only a handful of these EXTREMELY RARE CD's remain and they are from Jimi's personal collection.


Womens Weekly (Oct. 2000) dubbed it, "The best CD to listen to while cleaning your house!"  (Well, it would've been cool if they had!)


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